HackedArt was conceived by coder Marina Ganopolsky, who was always fascinated with the visual arts. A happy coding accident led to the creation of something mesmerizing and beautiful: an image generated entirely by random code.

HackedArt was born. HackedArt’s medium is code. HackedArt is generated based on many variables. Some variables can be controlled and others are random. Color, depth, saturation, volume and other factors affect the type of image that will be generated, and no two images will ever be the same.

Now ask yourself: who is the artist? Is it the code that makes the images? The programmer that wrote the code? The person running the program?

With HackedArt, you can be part of the process. Want a custom piece of art that speaks to you? We got you. Want a totally random one? We got you too. Want to customize it with your own color scheme? Fantastic. Want to pick a drawing type? You got it. Have ideas you’d like to share with us? We’re all ears. Get in touch.

HackedArt gives back. Find out how here.